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About Vajra North

The view of unwavering, self-arising awareness, is the foundation.
Meditating by letting the mind rest in its true nature, uncontrived and self-liberated, is the path.
Effortlessly expressing one's true nature, is the blissful fruit.
May this precious place of happiness and benefit to self and others expand and increase.

Welcome to Vajra North--Rigdrol Dechen Ling Society, the Canadian chapter of Chagdud Gonpa, founded by the late Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche (1930-2002), a highly accomplished and respected master of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.

The Society was established in 1984, when His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche made his first visit to Whitehorse, and continues to the present time with a solid group of dedicated Buddhist practitioners. Throughout the year, the Society regularly brings to Whitehorse various lamas to provide public presentations, conduct seminars and retreats and provide empowerments for specific meditation practices.

Group meditation sessions are offered each week, Red Tara practice twice each month (as well as other practices). Interested persons are invited to call for further information or refer to the Calendar.


Chagdud Gonpa

Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche - BLOG 1

Chagdud Gompa North America - BLOG 2

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Anyone is welcome to attend the Monday shamatha (mindfulness/calm abiding) meditation
sessions, as they are intended as a drop-in format. No prior meditation experience is
necessary, as instruction is offered by those leading. The sessions occur every Monday at
5:15 p.m.and last about an hour, to enable people to drop in after work on their way home.

While the sponsoring organization–Vajra North–is based in Tibetan Buddhism, the Monday
shamatha practice is much more general in nature, and is fundamentally common across
most Buddhist traditions. It’s a service to allow interested people the opportunity to learn
about meditation and practice with the support of others, but without expected commitment to
a particular group or tradition.

No fee is charged; the offering of the practice relies upon participants’ donations to defray the
cost of renting the facility, purchasing cushions and other incidentals, and sponsoring visiting
teachers from time to time. Those leading the shamatha sessions are volunteers---meditators
with a bit more experience, though we consider ourselves to be facilitators, rather than

Vajra North
For Information, call Leslie Knight 334-6246

Laura Sutherst wants to thank all those that made contributions to her 3-year retreat:
"... you have helped make this wonderful retreat posible for me...thank you so much..."


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